Full Name
Norman Radow
The RADCO Companies
Radow established The RADCO Companies in 1994, founded on his lifelong passion to improve the lives of people and neighborhoods. RADCO’s first project was the redevelopment of a distressed 53-story Atlanta hotel, office, and condominium tower, which later became the Four Seasons Hotel. Since 2011, RADCO acquired and invested in approximately 30,000 units in 15 markets and completed more than 100 deals totaling $3.2 billion. RADCO reentered the hospitality market in 2021, with the successful acquisition of three hotels and a healthy hospitality pipeline. For ten years Norman served as the Vice Chairman and then Chairman of the Kennesaw State University Foundation Board of Trustees. KSU honored Norman with the eponymous Norman J. Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Norman is currently a member of the New York Law School Board of Trustees. He is a dynamic speaker and real estate industry expert. Norman is known for his long-running and insightful blog, “Coffee (and real estate!) with Norm!”
Norman Radow