Full Name
Ilya Gamer
Job Title
Managing Director
Speaker Bio
Ilya Gamer is a Managing Director at CrowdStreet and helped establish CrowdStreet’s New York City & Tri-State Capital Markets office.

Mr. Gamer leads a team to provide investment firms, sponsors and developers access to tens of thousands of accredited investors for project and fund capital formation online through a disruptive and technologically innovative new method.

CrowdStreet is the leading online real estate investing platform in the United States with $2.5 Billion+ of equity invested into more than $20 Billion of property value across over 540 deals since inception.

Mr. Gamer obtained his Master’s degree in Real Estate Development + Urbanism from the University of Miami, School of Architecture. Prior to CrowdStreet he worked at Eastern Consolidated and the Chera family’s Crown Acquisitions.
Ilya Gamer