Full Name
Harry Bookey
Job Title
Founder & CEO
BH Equities
Speaker Bio
• Leading Contributors and co-sponsors of acquisition of new home.

Synagogue Plans
• Developed the “concept” plans for the new Synagogue

Art Center
• A leading contributor and sponsor of the visual room

Developed 3750 on Grand
• Award winning
• Preservation of Christian Science Church

Initiated Court Ave
• Started Court Ave Partners that raised funds for condominium project on First Street to kickstart Downtown Development.

Acquired & Redeveloped the Temple for Performing Arts
• First Starbucks in Iowa
• First Downtown major restaurant in 28 years
• Symphony Academy “Off Broadway Theatre”

Hughes Project
• Co-founded Hughes Project that led to the State reorganization

Book Group
• Started all male book group in 1998 that is still active

• Major Opera contributor
• Leading contributor to the symphony and started the _______ and integrated the DSM music academy into Temple school with 500.
Harry Bookey